Peace River Painters



Peace River Painters 2022 Winter Show

Please read the Prospectus for complete information

Each artist shall submit a completed entry form as below

at pre-registration or at the time of delivery of artwork

PLEASE PRINT-- (this information will be used for the wall cards, so please be accurate)

First Name_______________________________________________    Last Name_______________________________________________________

Street Address_____________________________________________________________________________________________________________   


Email___________________________________________________________________________  Phone___________________________________

#1 Title of Work______________________________________________Medium___________________________ Price__________________________

#2 Title of Work_____________________________________________Medium___________________________ Price__________________________

#3 Title of Work_____________________________________________ Medium___________________________ Price___________________________


Peace River Painters and North Port Art Center and their agents, will exercise reasonable care in respect to the property exhibited but do not accept responsibility for the loss or damage to artists’ work during the exhibit and related activities. The artist hereby agrees to release and hold North Port Art Center and Peace River Painters and their agents (including staff and volunteers) harmless from any liability or damage resulting from loss or damage to the artist and the artist’s work arising in any way from or connected to this exhibition or related activities, or from any other loss or damage whatsoever arising from or connected to this show. For the purpose of this agreement, the phrase “loss or damage” encompasses, but is not limited to, theft, mistaken labeling, damage by a guest or patron, damage by staff or volunteers, or damage due to environmental conditions.

____________________________________________________________          Date:_______________________________________________________        Artist's Signature                        


Submit payment  in the form of a check with the above ENTRY FORM  to 

PEACE RIVER PAINTERS, 464 Yorkshire St, Port Charlotte, FL 33954 

or you can hand to me during critique.   ---  Sharon